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INFOS ABOUT ART-BLOXX® up your life!

Themed: "Art should be able to unfold regardless of borders and restrictions ", we want to offer everybody the possibility to present his or her
person and individual kind of art. With the registration there originate no costs and the works including the rights remain, according to the
ECG (E-Commerce Law), with the artists. Our aim is to publicise your art – from the underground up to the stage. Everyone’s welcome and
invited to present his or her ideas.

What are the advantages of Art-Bloxx?

For example, you can create an "about-me"-homepage ("yourname")
Present your art and your person with your media (up to 100mb free webspace)
In many different forums you have the chance to exchange your experiences and ideas with other artists of various genres
ART-BLOXX gives you the great opportunity to get feedback from famous artists

Where else can Art-Bloxx support you?

Art-Bloxx helps you with building a professional website for your own projects
Designing CD/DVD covers on a high professional level and
Multimedia support (photography, film, music, editing etc.).
Musicmanagement (for all trends)
Granting servers with 100mbit connection (inclusive support)


° Videoproduction for Robby Musenbichler
° Websitedesign for
° CD & Logo Design for ROX4
° Musicvideoproduction for QUECKSILBER

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