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Carina Dumais

State : Netherlands

User since: 30.6.2008


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In 1994 I started using new media, among which computer software as Poser, painter, Photoshop, etc. I'm using those tools to create visual art, design, artwork and illustrations. In my visual art I'm trying tot express a tension between reality and fiction, or between realism and artificiality, creating a style which is completely mine.

Education and Experience:

Rietveld Academy for visual arts, Amsterdam, The Netherlands Graphic Media Institute, Amsterdam, The Netherlands Autodidactic studies.

Work and expositions:

* Dos Mundos/Two Worlds: Exposition Musea Galerie Peón Contreras, Merida, Mexico. 29 -10 till 27-11, 2010.

In preparation for this exhibition I went to Mexico (October 2009). I kept two conferences, where the plans for the exhibition are presented, including an explanation of my work, the theme of the exhibition, and the techniques I use.

Additionally, I started my research into the Mayan culture, the traditions and their integration at this time. I used, inter alia, through photography, heard the stories and observed the customs and rituals of the contemporary Maya. The end of the Mayan calendar in 2012 today attracts worldwide attention. This creates a confusing picture in which legends of past and present are playing a role. Is the future a new culture, and what shapes and stories may all think? This I have studied and incorporated into my Art.

All models in my art are real Maya people I've photographed in Merida.

For more information visit:

* 3D Fashion Art Performance for the municipality Vlissingen, The Netherlands (2006);

* 3D Poser Art Route. Open air exhibition in the centre of Vlissingen, The Netherlands (2005);

* 'Poser best or the best Award 2005;

* "The secrets of Poser Experts", issued by Delmare Learning-Charles River Media (USA). Chapter 2,

* Cover illustration book De Lichtvlinder, published by Facet BelgiuM (2005)

* Different exhibitions at municipal institutions and galeries, The Netherlands (1980-2010)

* Sports Fashion Design for ABN-AMRO Bank, The Netherlands (1980)

* Different works in collection of art collectors.

For more information please visit:



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last 10 carinadumais Comment Box all comments

wrote on the 20.12.2008 to following subject: Hi Carina

Prettige Kerstdagen en een Gelukkig Nieuwjaqar Hans

Volker Leng wrote on the 20.12.2008 to following subject: D A N K E

Ich wünsche dir ein frohes und besinnliches Weihnachtsfest, natürlich auch viel Kraft und Inspirierende Energie im neuen Jahr___! Lg. Volker alias ___DjLeNg

Wolfgang Leng wrote on the 10.11.2008 to following subject: grüße

eine schöne woche carina! lg. wolfgang

Lee Eggstein wrote on the 18.10.2008 to following subject: LG

ein schönes Wochenende wünscht Dir , AH

Dietmar Langhammer wrote on the 28.09.2008 to following subject: Your work

had i said, if one can create the world written in my book "Sternenreise", you will it be. Ok., ok., not many humans there are, but planets, and stars... I tried to create some of them, but failed without any happyness. I should go back to this solarsystem,and copy it exactly..

alias "klangwelt" Korbel wrote on the 25.09.2008 to following subject: and I say hello, ....hello.

Yeah a real increase inside our community. Wish you furthermore success.

Karla Fischer wrote on the 01.07.2008 to following subject: HALLO CARINA..............,

danke für deinen comment und für favorit.ich habe mir WATCHERS ausgesucht. gruss karla

rua pick wrote on the 30.06.2008 to following subject: Kia Ora / Hello

Kia Ora greetings from New Zealand your work is very shamanic

Volker Leng wrote on the 30.06.2008 to following subject: Hallo

Hi Carina, deine Bilder sind sehr anspruchsvoll kreiert....find ich T O L L !!!

Wolfgang Leng wrote on the 30.06.2008 to following subject: .

hallo Carina Dumais und ein herzliches willkommen! schöne grüße aus deutschland und viel erfolg.wolfgang

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