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Unknown Component

State : United States of America

User since: 28.1.2008


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"It's Elliott Smith without all the self-pity, it's Charles Bukowski without the self-destruction, it's Bob Dylan without the nasal, and Radiohead without the British dry wit." --Broose Tulloch, Stylus Magazine "Unknown Component is already receiving rave reviews in the United States Midwest and it shouldn't take long for his music to make its way through the States, over the Atlantic and find some kind of place in Britain." --Dave Scott Glasswerk By my count, Keith Lynch has released five albums in about as many years, an admirable feat for an artist, considering (or due to) the fact that he records and releases his work independently. The age of MySpace and relative ease of home recording has opened up many possibilities for artists with imagination to spare, and as Unknown Component, Lynch continues to offer up his wordy form of musical poetry for anyone who cares to have a go. Separately Connected, the latest UC release, offers up a dozen engaging trips through such cheery affairs as the nature of truth and reality, with songs titled “Alone With Your Mistakes” and “Friendly Indifference”. Shockingly, you won’t need a bottle of pills by the end of this one. The music of UC propels even the most brooding sentiment forward, filling the empty spots with hammering drum fills, insistent guitar chording and keyboard landscapes. Lynch’s limited vocal talents are likewise used to full advantage, somtimes drowned in reverb and almost unintelligible. I would still favorably compare the results as the whispering version of Kurt Cobain, another vocalist who had little need to truly sing. The lyric sheet reads like a Young American 2007 manifesto. In a world of high tech home video games, iPods, MP3’s, cell phone entertainment and digital recorders, you still can’t stop quick, young minds from turning inward. “At times like these we tell ourselves that all we need is something else,” sings Lynch, nicely summing up the desire churning through a culture that seemingly has everything. The music, which serves as the backdrop for Lynch’s wordplay, sometimes seems like an afterthought, quickly fading out as soon as the thought is complete, but the depth of the lyric is the prize after all. Fans of the late Elliott Smith, Radiohead or even ’90s era U2 will likely find Unknown Component to their taste. I wouldn’t go so far as to call Separately Connected a rock record, although tracks like “Being Awake” and “The Truth of Telling Lies” come pretty close to being anthems. Still, Lynch is taking on the Big Issues at his own pace and succeeding, a luxury that these days of cheap quality recording have afforded both him and his fans. -William Fare “Little Village”


1. Being Awake

2. In This Directi...

3. Everything You ...


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wrote on the 26.03.2012 to following subject: hi

Hello Am joy i believe you are the right person for me please send me an email at my email id ( for me to give you my pictures and more about me.

Big Time wrote on the 21.05.2008 to following subject: Greetings

...from Austria. Being Awake is a super song!

Wolfgang Leng wrote on the 12.05.2008 to following subject: Hello

Hello Unknown Component, Greetings from Germany! Good Musik!!! Wolfgang

ArtBloxx wrote on the 22.03.2008 to following subject: Happy Easter!

The ART-BLOXX team wishes you Happy Easter!

Big Time wrote on the 29.01.2008 to following subject: Greetings!

....from Europe. We like your music.

HARRY BACHER wrote on the 29.01.2008 to following subject: HY

I´m from Austria! glg:HARRY

Quecksilber wrote on the 28.01.2008 to following subject: Welcome

...and our best wishes for the future.

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