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Bruno Pichler

State : Austria

User since: 12.1.2009


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The Bruno Pichler Collection Bruno Pichler became interested in textiles and textile designs at an early stage of his life. While attending Textile School in Dornbirn, Austria, he studied merchandising and developed a keen interest in fabric design. Bruno Pichler’s path to becoming one of the foremost collectors of antique design patterns may be summarized as follows: 1965: Graduation from Textile School 1966: Knitwear manufacturing company Bleyle, Stuttgart, Germany 1967: Dormeuil Freres, Duesseldorf and London Agent and coordinator for textile design graduates of The Royal College of Art, London, and various other British Colleges 1968: Bruno Pichler Design Ltd. International textile design business for the worldwide marketing and selling of design work produced by various artists and textile design studios from different parts of Europe (e.g. Paris, Lyon, Como and Krefeld). Altogether Bruno Pichler worked 12 years in London, four years in Sydney, Australia, and two years in Paris. In 1985 Bruno Pichler relocated to New York, NY 10016, where he shows his extensive library of antique fabrics and swatches, which he has amassed over the past 30 years. At present, he owns one of the most comprehensive collections of antique design reference books covering the productions of European textile mills from the early 19th century until the middle of the 20th century. All major design categories are being represented: Printed cotton, silks and wools Jacquards in silk, wool and cotton Piece and yarn dyed fabrics, ribbons, lace, embroideries, scarves and foulards, fabrics for neckwear, shirting's, lingerie and others. The collection further includes fabrics for home furnishings such as prints, jacquards and tapestries for linens as well as patterns for draperies and upholsteries. So far only a small number of fabrics of the collection has been used by various leading fashion designers and manufacturers, but through this site, we now make a portion of the library available to a larger clientele. We are proud to present this unique and remarkable collection for the first time publicly. We do invite you to browse and enjoy these outstanding antique marvels.


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wrote on the 26.03.2012 to following subject: hi

Hello Am joy i believe you are the right person for me please send me an email at my email id ( for me to give you my pictures and more about me.

Ruth Kissling de Bâle-Suisse wrote on the 28.01.2009 to following subject: e-mail

Herr Pichler, ich möchte Euch eine e-Mail schicken an, leider kommt diese immer retour. Haben Sie vielleicht eine anere Adresse die bei mir funktionniert Danke Ruth Kissling

Ruth Kissling de Bâle-Suisse wrote on the 14.01.2009 to following subject: Zusage

Herr Pichler, das ist ja gewaltig, was Sie machen. Ganz grosses Kompliment ! Herzlich Ruth Kissling de Bâle-Suisse

Steve Moralee wrote on the 13.01.2009 to following subject: Hi

Hi, bruno,thanks for the visit to my site,your collection is very interesting work. Ilike to paint "Afrika style" and a modrn kind of "Cave Painting" tha i have developed over the past 4 years. If you are interested i could send you a few per E- mail. freindly greetings Steve. P.S kunstmaler wolfgang leng, also hier by artbloxx, a freind of mine also does very interesting stuff,-have a look at his site take care steve

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