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John Henrys Ghost
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Title: John Henrys Ghost
From: pickndawg
Creation year: 2014
Description: A story about working on the Big Bend Tunnel after John Henry\
Views: 12841
Media: 39
Uploaded on: 05.08.2014
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Dan Cunningham - 05.08.2014
John Henrys Ghost
A story about working on the Big Bend Tunnel after the death of John Henry. Digging began on the Big Bend Tunnel for the C&O railroad at Talcott WV in 1870. The tunnel, more than a mile and a quarter long, was completed in 1873. Recurring rock falls claimed many lives, with the workers being quickly buried in unmarked graves. The heavy dust in the tunnel impaired visibility and caused serious health problems or even death. After John Henry's death, many workers reported seeing or hearing his ghost.

This tune is from the CD, APPALACHIAN SONG, and is slightly truncated here. It is available on CD Baby and many other sites, or as a download on iTunes and similar download sites.

The fiddle is played by Libby Eddy

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