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Devil Anse Hatfield
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Title: Devil Anse Hatfield
From: pickndawg
Creation year: 2014
Description: DEVIL ANSE by Dan Cunningham - from the CD, Appalachian Song. A little ditty about Devil Anse Hatfield, the patriarch of the Hatfield Clan and participant in the Hatfield-McCoy feud. Included in the video are pics from the Hatfield and Dils (McCoy) cemeteries. This is obviously a “lip-sync” version as far as my performance - the short video clips used later in the song were edited in from older footage and you may notice I’m playing the wrong chord in a couple of places. This version is slightly shorter than the CD version. The Appalachian Song CD and “Devil Anse” is available from CD Baby, iTunes, and all those kinda places.
Views: 25027
Media: 39
Uploaded on: 23.06.2014
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