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Silent Noise
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Title: Silent Noise
From: taraxacum
Creation year: 2014
Description: 10.01.2014 First piano recording this year \"Different\" 1. Munich City I remember playing one in the City of Munich... I saw into the faces of the public... and I saw into their hearts.. Astound about my kind of playing, asking for more... 2. Slow Motion You walk down the street and see all the people running in the crowd.. Feel the slow motion about their behaviour 3. Waltz Its not a waltz, but you can feel like dancing one 4. Vibrations All around you is vibrating 5. Speed Can´t stop running fast 6. Inspired You feel like a bird you fly, like a lover who fly, Don´t like to stop it 7. Silent Noise Even it is low you hear the noise in it
Views: 16293
Media: 302
Uploaded on: 11.01.2014

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