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There must be two angels playing with my heart......
to the artist → christine
Title: There must be two angels playing with my heart...
From: christine
Creation year: 2012
Description: The decisive idea for this body painting of Christine Dumbsky was the feel that her song composition \"the (k) night - there must be an angel\" shall mediate. Sometimes the artist uses a song, it’s mood, it’s lyrics or poems to process them in a picture. An almost inevitable development. As also her development of painting in conjunction with bodyart, photography to moving pictures accompanied with music, specially written for this purpose. Multimedia – covering all the senses – an interaction of practices which are also mutually inspiring. Originally as a result of her previous work for a internatial operating publishing company and its diverse and also multimedia tasks. To this concept her instrumental musical work, should be used later as background music as its acoustic creates a certain mood and captures the complexity of the painting on canvas, on skin, the live and photo sequences to make it tangible. The intention was also that all components of the whole unit of this moving picture creations should be created all in all by the artist to ensure that the complete work will remain one unit. The the final impulse to the implementation gave the client who selected and engaged the artist for doing a \"wing theme\" for his evening event – implemented with bodypainting. The idea to do something \"winged\" is - at the same time glamorous, graceful, - classic and in a certain way ambivalent - especially where the angels would have a dress only made of color. Engel, Angel, Angels, Anjo, Angelos, Bodypainting, Bodypaint, Bodypaintings, Bodypaints, Bodyart, Körpermalerei, Bodyarts, Körperkunst, Ангел, إنجيل, Ангел, Άγγελος, מלאך, Schutzengel, guardian angel, Ange gardien, Angelo custode, Anjo da guarda, Ángel de la guarda, Ангел-хранитель, Wunderkerze, Licht, light, candle, Livemalerei, Kunst, Eventgestaltung, Messen, Messe, Event, Events, Veranstaltungen, Veranstaltung, Firmenveranstaltungen, Feste, Feiern, Galas, Pressemagnet, presse, pressekonferenz, presseartikel, promotion, promotionveranstaltung, presseaktionen, presseaktion, werbeaktion, werbeaktionen, Firmenfeiern, Jubiläen, Jubiläum, victoria secret, eurythmics, Annie Lennox, Dave Stewart, Werbemassnahmen, Werbefotos, Werbung, Werbefoto, Christine Dumbsky, webparadise In this context, herewith also the considerations regarding the concept and the preparations are interesting. Such as the definition of the word, meaning and its conversion. The Angel - by definition mostly imagined with wings a supernatural creature - has an important role in art and especially in painting and statement. In an old anniversary edition of the Brockhaus from 1955 (first edition 1931) the term is defined in the following way: quotation \"by the Greek.\" Angelos = Messenger, in the Bible the messengers of God to the people the Holiness and glory of God, where demonstrate the helping hands (guardian angel). Are the subject of faith \"the Angel in the Oriental and Catholic churches is the subject of faith, contrary to Protestantism.\" This issue the artist already has since her childhood. By definition from the dictionary and Internet, this description is to be consicered much wider nowadays and not longer only exclusively religious occupied anymore. The good, the fallen angels, guardian angel, angel of death, dark angel, no longer only gentle and gracious or used in phrases, like the proverbial B-engel (to be translated like: little rascal). Term extensions also result from the media of film and television - everyone probably knows the role of Marlene Dietrich in \"the Blue Angel\" and the key scene. New art trends, that make use of the mass media , provoke a redifiniton. The artist - is in the broadest sense a massurealist and at the same time draws a bow to traditional painting. (Massurealism is a term which means, that the artist serves also uses the mass media for generating an idea) Interesting from the artistic point of view for planning was also, that the word Angel has the same notation in many language, such as e.g. in English, French, Italian, Hungarian, Spanish, Swedish, Danish, Finnish, Latvian, Czech, etc. Again and again picked up in the history of the common painting and for it`s implement. Exciting to observe where the motifs have factual or expressive meaning, also from the iconographic side. For implementation in the form of bodypainting such a view is not immediately recognizable at first glance. But indeed, if you know the approach of the artist, either for her goal either in terms of the effect and objective of which feeling should arise by the viewer , as well as in other fields of her paintings. Finally a theme or concept that was integrated in the artwork consciously by the artist, shall be formulated. Perhaps thereby the secondary meaning will be visible. Therefore also the iconographic meditation, experiences a kind of definition extension. (iconography - a scientific method of art history, focused on the identification and interpretation of motives of artworks ) The exploration and interpretation of contents and symbolism of the image objects, considering contemporary, literary sources such as philosophy, poetry and theology – nowadays has to be expanded by including trends and the spirit of the time of the mass media including the influence of music, and especially with the ideas and values of the artist and the viewer to allow even close to description, how this has an influence on the motives, their representations and execution. In relation to this the possible question would be: why was an artist concerned with this subject and what does it express. Not only for the artist himself, but in this form also for the viewer, who can take part of the creation and finally with the client, who in a certain way serves as a patron, by his commission of this form of painting, plus at least to make it possible at all. Text: Pressebüro Kurt Röhrken
Views: 3572
Media: 59
Uploaded on: 16.10.2012
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