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Title: Awaking
From: taraxacum
Creation year: 2009
Description: when i wake up again, i felt her, or it, the Spirit of the earth, and i heard a \"Hello\", was still foggy in my brain... and heard the ghost saying, the Spiritof our Earth is just visiting us. What a great moment, i tryed to think about it, no just only feel this situation...... Overwelmed as i was, i realy couldn´t say anything, even thinking wasn´t possible.... Now, telling you my remembers, i could only say. if you think about the Spirit of the Earth, so it is for me every time i do it, a thought came to my brain... There is nothing what can matter you again, because only you met the Spirit. Nothing.... So think about the Spirit, and all will be better, no mad thinking about bad humans, bad work, or less money, about mad politics, about might and hurting all over the world.. Just think about the Spirit, and it comes better...
Views: 8554
Media: 302
Uploaded on: 05.05.2009

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