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Meeting the Spirit of the Earth
to the artist → taraxacum
Title: Meeting the Spirit of the Earth
From: taraxacum
Creation year: 2009
Description: when i dived down to the deepest point on earth, i suddenly felt still death, when something is coming out of the ground, the rocks, everywhere, the feelings i had were so great, i couldn´t stand them. I nocked down, and wake up somme time later. I asked, what was going on, when i heard a female voice, thought it could be female. Only the word \"hello\"..... If you can imagine meeting some god, or so, someone high above you, above all humans, or animals... My friend the ghost said to me, the Spirit of our Earth is visiting us. Can you realy imagine, what the mean can be this meeting? I for this could not say anything, youst thinking about a very great thank you, and then it comes... Why should i speak anymore? I´d like to stop my speaking, for ever... Can i play this, can i play never want to speak again? Can piano music show, what i mean? I tryed it.....
Views: 8658
Media: 302
Uploaded on: 05.05.2009

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