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Yuri Kossagovsky

State : Russia

User since: 13.7.2008

Note poetsPainting

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YURI KOSSAGOVSKY Born under the sign of Sagittarius, 1941 in the family of the physicians; since childhood he has observed different modes of life of the people, as his parents have traveled much, across Russia, Central Asia, Far East and even China. ...He is engaged in painting, literature, he composes music for the piano. Despite the evident achievements in painting, it has cost him much effort to admit into the USSR Artists' Union, his works being not in the conformity with the soviet social realism, but with ?the thaw? the public opinion has changed and Yury receives recognition. The talents of Kossagovsky are diverse and his work is considerable: painting, music, theatre plays, poetry. His works are to be found in numerous private collections abroad and also in the famous Kostakis' collection, Athens, Greece. The name of Kossagovsky is also connected with "-ism-" he is in fact the creator of "Rondism" in painting, but Yury does not restrict himself within this particular style, he is free in choosing the manner. "Between two paintings", he says, "there must be an abyss". "Artist a phenomenon or Nature, which, thanks God, a man cannot control". VASSILIO PEDRO LUBKOV Paris


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wrote on the 26.03.2012 to following subject: hi

Hello Am joy i believe you are the right person for me please send me an email at my email id ( for me to give you my pictures and more about me.

ZarathustraDesign wrote on the 13.08.2008 to following subject: ...

Можешь ли ты писать это, пожалуйста, по-немецки или английский язык? Чтобы это все смогут понимать.

Karla Fischer wrote on the 11.08.2008 to following subject: hello yuri,

thanks for your compliment. greet karla

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