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Michail Yashin

State : Russia

User since: 17.9.2008


Michail Yashin has
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Artist info

Melody,arrangement,ingeneering-Michail Yashin(R). Guitars(1-7),bass(3,5)-Michail Yashin(R) Saundbackgraund on 7- softweare"Band-In-A-Box 11.0"(R) Guitars: Ibanez(R),Jackson(R); Guitarprocessor: Digitech(R) RP-20 The softweare sound editor"Cool Edit 2.0"(R) (now-Adobe Audition) has been used for my music(3-7compositions) N.B.! For listening compositions (to hear all subtleties) I recommend to use headphones AKG(R) “K-44”or “K-55”. At them pure(without a raising of any frequencies) transfer of a sound.


1. Cap Of Coffee

2. Tears In The Tr...

3. City Beat

4. Two Elders(Host...

5. The Walk

6. Name Of Rose

7. To Home Again



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wrote on the 26.03.2012 to following subject: hi

Hello Am joy i believe you are the right person for me please send me an email at my email id ( for me to give you my pictures and more about me.

Liona Toussaint wrote on the 05.01.2010 to following subject: Danke

Hallo Michail, lieben Dank. Habe mir soeben Deine Präsenz unter Saatchi angesehen. Bis bald, Liona

Wolfgang Leng wrote on the 19.09.2008 to following subject: ..

Привет Михаил, ты являешься правый, я использую Немедленно übersetzer, радовался бы твоему посещению. Желания тебе прекрасные выходные. Дорогие приветы... Вольфганг

Volker Leng wrote on the 18.09.2008 to following subject: ..

Hallo und herzlich willkommen in unserer kleinen aber schönen Runde.

Wolfgang Leng wrote on the 18.09.2008 to following subject: ..

Привет Михаил Иашин, сердечно Добро пожаловать в наш большой круг + большой успех при твоих работах. Дорогие приветы... Вольфганг

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