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Constantin Vohs

State : Paraguay

User since: 20.9.2008


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For my newest compositions. Enter my Myspace.


I welcome you into my little realm of dreams and fantasy... There you will find a forest, which knows no light... Deep within that Forest the ghastly glow, a creation of the Moonlight.. Shows a way towards a Lake.. Frozen, as if it were a mirror of the Moon.. The forest itself, a graveyard which tells the story of numerous couples.. Who never found their luck.. The legend tells.. That on the Frozen Lake.. They'll dance their last Valse... Starting with a step to the left... Then to the right.. An eternal dance on the frozen lake.. Through the neverending night..

Constantin was born the 11th of January 1992 in Bonn, Germany. Now working as a sessions player, he is keyboardist and bassist as well as vocalist. He was former Bass Player of a Paraguayan Hard Rock band named: Steinkrug and also Keyboardist of a Neo-Classical Progressive Metal band named Epsylon. He recorded together with Steinkrug in 2008 to Demo Songs. After the recording he left both, Epsylon and Steinkrug.

At the age of 16 he finished high school, and also speaks 3 languages fluently: German, English and Spanish.



1. Epsylon

2. Nightmare Symph...

3. Sweet Short Cla...

4. Mystery

5. Long Lost Hopes...

6. Taste of Melanc...

7. Faithful Child

8. Think 1:00

9. Nightmare Attac...

10. Dream Jungle

11. Crossfire

12. Rose Crusaders

13. Red Canyon (F-Z...

14. Aeronautics

15. Lord Ravidel

16. Dance on the Fr...

17. Eternity


Studio 2007

In Vienna

C. V.

With schoolband...

Free Time




Rock Festival


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wrote on the 26.03.2012 to following subject: hi

Hello Am joy i believe you are the right person for me please send me an email at my email id ( for me to give you my pictures and more about me.

Regina Sehnert wrote on the 10.01.2010 to following subject: Alles Gute

Lieber Constantin, ich möchte dir ganz herzlich zu deinem Geburtstag gratulieren. Möge deine Inspiration nie versiegen! Grüße von Regina

Volker Leng wrote on the 20.12.2008 to following subject: D A N K E

Ich wünsche dir ein frohes und besinnliches Weihnachtsfest, natürlich auch viel Kraft und Inspirierende Energie im neuen Jahr___! Lg. Volker alias ___DjLeNg

Wolfgang Leng wrote on the 19.12.2008 to following subject: Grüße

hallo consi, wünsche dir auch alles gute!! werde mir die lieder anhören..lg. wolfgang

Wolfgang Leng wrote on the 20.11.2008 to following subject: Grüße

da wünsche ich dir viel glück + viel spaß auf der abschlussfeier!!! lg. wolfgang

Wolfgang Leng wrote on the 20.11.2008 to following subject: Grüße

hey consi, was machst du jetzt nach deinem abi ?? lg. wolfgang

Marion Nordmeyer - Zartbitter - wrote on the 26.10.2008 to following subject: Hallo Constantin

Wir freuen uns, Dich nun auch hier zu unseren Freunden zählen zu können! Liebe Grüße Marion, Zartbitter

Volker Leng wrote on the 12.10.2008 to following subject: ..

Glückwunsch für den 3. Platz...lg DjLeNg

alias "klangwelt" Korbel wrote on the 11.10.2008 to following subject: Hi, what?

Danke für die Meinung! Uns trennt eine Generation und daa ehrt mich, wenn du auch die Tipps von einem Groofty probierst!!! Wir hören voneinander!

Wolfgang Leng wrote on the 11.10.2008 to following subject: grüße

schönes wochenende constantin!

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