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Christine Dumbsky

State : Germany

User since: 16.4.2008


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Artworks from woman to woman by Christine Dumbsky ... are in the best case from women created reflections of women. On first view the Sommerach painter Christine Dumbsky appears to undress the concept from it’s objective that was straight clinging the concept, according to it’s more often appearing meaning in the orbit of the women’s movement - at least at the first view.

Christine Dumbsky`s women seem to be interested in showing their inner world to the outer world, provocatively. Where sculptural elements released from the picture frame, tempt the viewer to touch. Her women are not reduced to the objects of men`s fantasy. Christine Dumbsky is not supporting sexual voyerism.

Her women retain their secrets, transfigure them and yet are evident and capable of sharing themselves as they are, just because of this. They are women with longing and illusions desiring to be understood. That the artist has a dreamy, romantic streak is not only a pre-requisite for her work, it is also what gives it it`s special charm.

You'll finde her fine-art colletion at Wolf-Dietrich Weissbach (Journalist) BODYPAINTINGS - ART WITH ALL SENSES by Christine Dumbsky At first painting was the center of work of the artist Christine Dumbsky. Whereby her paintings are often categorized as “Erotic Art”, although a closer look below the surface of her picture worlds rather reveal a more differentiated topic “the woman”.

The work with the “living canvas“ was added some years later, nevertheless an almost inevitable development. The idea to integrate the viewer, the art-creative and the model completely into the developing process was imaginary already for a long time for the artist and one of her set goals. With the help of the bodypainting it could be realized for the first time.

First the artist painted herself, in order to identify herself with “skin and hair” with her own work, to become a real part of the art. An order of pig sculptures for a city event gave the first impulse in addition. Later this philosophy became somehow independent and developed furhter to a new direction.

The model, which originally served “only” as a living canvas, became part of a synthesis of the arts and was now even completely merged with the painting, which thematically often served as basis. If you happen to be interested to increase your fair booth, live event, company event etc. you might book the artist, where she's doing live BodyART too.

Very stiring up for also to increase your press attention.


(Kurt Roehrken - free journalist)

some references/artprojects of the artist:

Hewlett Packard/Tenneriffa Woodstock Revival-Festival/USA Internationale Funkausstellung/Berlin Int. Tourismus Börse Berlin für das Land Sachsen Snowboard Worldcup/Südtirol Salzsauparade/Lüneburg Tucan-Art und Art on Cars Event Marketing Vogelparkregion Art on Cows/Luxemburg Hua Cui Artists Association/China Expo/Schweiz, Young & Free Festival (Schirmherrschaft Bay. Kultusministerium) Tucher Bräu, Cineworld, Vallourec & Mannesmann, Degussa/BASF, Würth, Hornbach, Mercedes-Benz, T-Mobile, div. Kulturämter u. v. m


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wrote on the 26.03.2012 to following subject: hi

Hello Am joy i believe you are the right person for me please send me an email at my email id ( for me to give you my pictures and more about me.

ZarathustraDesign wrote on the 24.07.2008 to following subject: Hallo

sehr schöne Arbeiten...auch auf eurer HP..GREAT! LG ZD

Volker Leng wrote on the 24.06.2008 to following subject: Hallo!!!

Deine Arbeiten sind der Hammer...Ich Liebe sie!!!

Birgit Friedberg wrote on the 17.06.2008 to following subject: Super

klasse finde ich Deine art ART!!! Bereichernd! Danke!!!

Drab wrote on the 22.05.2008 to following subject: Vielen Dank!

Vielen Dank für deinen nette Kommentar-> finde deine Werke auch fantastisch! Greets Drab

Quecksilber wrote on the 19.05.2008 to following subject: Hallo Christine!

Tolle Werke. Wünschen dir viel Erfolg und Spass mit Art-Bloxx. Liebe Grüße nach Deutschland.

Wolfgang Leng wrote on the 16.04.2008 to following subject: Grüße

Hallo Christine Dumbsky ...herzlich Willkommen! Interessante Arbeiten. Viel Erfolg! LG.wolfgang

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